PCB Piezotronics – Product list

Determining phase and amplitude relationships of vibration at various points on a structure permits modal modeling. The resulting modal model provides valuable information regarding system integrity and operating mode shapes.

PCB Piezoelectric accelerometers

A wide variety of piezoelectric accelerometer configurations are available. Each method has its own particular advantages and disadvantages for different applications.

Since selecting a sensor is not trivial, applications assistance from PCB field representatives or factory application engineers is available to assist with the selection process.

Product list

  • General Purpose Accelerometers
  • Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometers
  • High Temperature (to 163 ºC)
  • High Temperature (> 260 ºC)
  • High Sensitivity Accelerometers
  • Structural Test
  • MEMS/DC Response
  • Shock Accelerometers
  • Accelerometers with Thermal Stability
  • Special Purpose Instruments
  • Accelerometer Accessories