EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

AMtest has developed a quality management system that complies with the specifications of the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as applied to the full scope of our business. More

The celebration of our success. Amtest references.

Amtest celebrates 15th anniversary. We thank our customers and partners for choosing us and relying on our expertise. More

Our test equipment

ClimeEvent C/1000/70/5

ClimeEvent makes testing even more reliable, environmentally-friendly and easy to service. A new refrigerant matches compatibility with future requirements. Optimised air guidance delivers the best-in-class performance. Tests can be programmed. More

Our test equipment

Climate test cabinet VC3-7060

The particularly robust VC3 test chambers create more productive, comfortable and clear thermical tests for a great number of products. Max. temperature (+)180°C, min. temperature (-)70°C, condenser – air-cooled. More

Our test equipment

Climate test cabinet VC3-4060

The particularly robust VC3 test chambers create more productive, comfortable and clear thermical tests for a great number of products. More

Environmental simulation testing

Test Lab, environmental simulation product testing

Environmental simulation testing – Services

Environmental conditions have a significant impact on the quality, functionality, reliability and durability of products. Test procedures for regular applications and products are set forth in international standards. More

Electrodynamic vibration testing

Vibration tests with non-Gaussian distribution

New software supports vibration tests with non-Gaussian distribution

The purpose of the non-Gaussian method is to adapt the signals used for excitation in the lab to real-life conditions as much as possible in order to obtain identical stress. More

Test equipment rental

Test Lab, test equipment rental

Environmental test chambers and shakers for rent

Make your team's Research and Development efforts easier without having to make large investments in test equipment used rarely or periodically. To help you with that, you are more than welcome to rent our test equipment. More

Used test equipment sales

Used test equipment

Trade of used test equipment – climate chambers and vibration simulation test system

Our used test equipment can be utilized as high-quality yet cost efficient solution for your product testing procedures without any compromise on the benefits provided by renowned manufacturers. More

Our test equipment

Test Lab, test equipment

Amtest TestLab – Our testing equipment status

Your product tests can make the decision making process of your developers and investors easier and facilitate sales agents' business activities. Review the list of available test equipment and download their data sheets. More