Vibration tests with non-Gaussian distribution

New software supports vibration tests with non-Gaussian distribution

The purpose of the non-Gaussian method is to adapt the signals used for excitation in the lab to real-life conditions as much as possible in order to obtain identical stress. More
Vibration test systems

What is the aim of vibration and shock testing?

In order to design and construct more reliable products, it is highly recommended that vibration and shock tests be incorporated in sample or finished product tests. More

V 726, LDS shaker

On request we test your products

The most important factors about your products which your clients consider are safety and quality. Demonstrate that your product development is worth financing and achieve perfect product quality via testing. We help you along the way! More

Amtest Lab, product testing

Vibration and shock testing – Product category

The Amtest-TM laboratory performs environmental and vibration simulation tests. We are testing safety and quality of products across almost all product categories. More

Vibration testing, Test Lab

Vibration testing – Test types

You can optimize your products to comply with requirements and standards by performing development supporting tests. More

IMV vibration test system, areas of application

Vibration testing – Areas of application

Avoid malfunctioning development and minimize claims within warranty period. By performing our tests, we provide support to the R&D activities of our customers in the following fields More

Vibration product testing – Technologies – VIDEO

The test system consist of an electrodynamic shaker, an amplifier and a vibration controller and may optionally include a shaker table or a multi-channel measurement data collecting system and a special software for analysis.

Piezoelectric Accelerometers, Applications

Vibration test equipment and parts

Our modern world requires us to simulate real life environmental testing condition. We can offer a multiple solutions to suit customers’ specification and budget. More

Dynamic test systems

Shock tests – Vibration product tests – Services

The industrial use of vibration test systems is wide and includes product development, in-production quality control and product package testing by both manufacturing companies and test laboratories. More