Environmental test chambers and shakers for rent

Make your team's Research and Development efforts easier without having to make large investments in test equipment used rarely or periodically. To help you with that, you are more than welcome to rent our test equipment.

Test Lab, test equipment rental

Solve your short term test equipment needs

Our services are practical, flexible and beneficial.
We offer environmental simulation test equipment for a wide range of applications under various renting conditions.

We provide you with customised quotation that best suits your needs and budget!

Operation of the rented equipment along with the testing processes is extensively explained by our highly qualified professionals.

We deliver the machine to your site if so required.

For fast and easy booking, please contact our customer service representatives (i.e. by phone).

Frequent customers are given the possibility to select a member of our expertise team who will be their all-round contact person with all inquiries.

We also undertake to perform hire testing on the demonstrated machines and on our partners' equipment in our test laboratory.

Current status of the equipment available for renting from our
test laboratory:

Our test equipment available for renting helps you to

  • Facilitate your developers' activities
  • Produce products of perfect quality
  • Build the trust of your customers in your products
  • Demonstrate that your development is worth financing

Scope of application of our test equipment

  • Product and package testing
  • Machinery testing
  • Vehicle parts and automotive equipment testing
  • Electronic device testing
  • IT equipment testing

Test types

  • Temperature / humidity resistance tests in climatic chambers
  • Vibration resistance tests
  • Vibration load resistance tests
  • Service life tests
  • Durability tests

Areas of application

  • Automotive industry

  • Packaging industry
  • Electronics
  • Energy sector
  • Food processing sector

  • Engineering sector
  • Pharmaceuticals sector
  • Information technologies
  • Cosmetics sector
  • Research institutions

  • Plastics technology
  • Aerospace sector
  • Space technology
  • Chemical industry