Well trained service-engineers form the basis for high-quality services

What is special about our Weiss Service Excellence services? Customers can reach us constantly and we have excellently trained employees.

Well trained service team

Two things make Weisstechnik® services stand out: speed and know-how.
Our customers can reach us constantly. This means we can be on the spot quickly. And we have excellently trained employees. Our service team are trained in all the areas they need to be able to work on units and systems. We carry out our work with the support and involvement of the factory's specialists, if necessary.

Our specialists take over maintenance and servicing, conversion and modernisation work. They are also responsible for calibration. All certification is carried out by Weisstechnik®. Among other things, our employees ensure that the systems meet the requirements stipulated both by customers and legislation. How well our service team work can be seen, among other things, in our work in the event of a fault.

If a fault occurs, the service team repairs the system. Our aim is to ensure that the fault is rectified during the first visit. We achieve this with a very good rate: we succeed in more than 85 out of 100 cases. And this only works thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our service team, and perfect spare and wear parts management.

Maintenance and servicing – these are costs that companies like to plan 
Environment simulation systems are extremely complex. "Plug and play" just simply does not work here. Projected on a car, a test facility would have a mileage of about 295,000 km after running for six months. This means the systems need to be checked, maintained and serviced regularly. After all, they should not come to a standstill in the first place.

Our customers have different requirements. Some want minimum service. Other companies have higher requirements in order to fulfil the wishes of their customers. For this reason, we offer graduated services: customers can choose between basic, premium and full maintenance.
Maintenance and calibration services, as well as electrical safety and environment protection tests can be booked separately. And this way, we make service costs plannable.

RetroFit program for older systems 
RetroFit is a trend that is currently gaining in importance in Europe. Our service is directed at companies with systems that are already ten years old and older. We work preventively here, too: to avoid a breakdown. Because follow-on costs can be incalculable and high.

Our services are very varied: we install touch panels, replace the cooling technology or integrate a complete energy-saving solution. Even if original spare parts are no longer available or the original machine builder no longer exists, we will still find a solution. We focus on adapting the system so that it complies with current legal guidelines and the customer can continue to use it reliably. The Retrofit process is performed according to the manufacturer's recommendation using spare parts recommended by Weisstechnik®.

We send expert service staff  to our customers 
At our company, every service-technician has all the important qualifications. Other manufacturers have specialists for cooling, electrics and control systems and send two or three employees. Our experts are all trained and authorised in electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical systems, cooling technology, control engineering and programming. And, of course, we regularly qualify our service-staff in accordance with the current guidelines for occupational health and safety, environmental protection and electrical safety.

Are our Weiss service-engineers specially trained? 
The weisstechnik® provides excellent training for our service-engineers. It takes three to five years of experience before an employee reaches our highest level. The product range is very broad, and includes some very special systems.

How is our Weiss Service Excellence network organised? 
Our trained and experienced service team in Hungary takes care of the customers' test equipment.

The Amtest Service Excellence services also includes advice from our specialists. When one of our service-colleague is at the customer's, he does not only carry out conversion work or rectify a fault. He also gives recommendations for optimising a process or has tips on operation.

For more information contact our Customer Service or our Service Center.