Vibration test equipment and parts

Our modern world requires us to simulate real life environmental testing condition. We can offer a multiple solutions to suit customers’ specification and budget.

Piezoelectric Accelerometers, Applications

IMV Dynamic simulation test system

A full range of air and water cooled vibrator’s range from 0.3kN to 400kN can be supplied. With many of the systems available with displacements of 100mm.
All systems are design to reduce noise levels. Our systems have an option to be supplied with ECO technology to support with reducing carbon emissions and electricity consumption.
A multi-axis system provides modern technology to the vibration testing industry.
These types of systems can simulate the real life situations, as the technology allows the payload to be tested in all three axis simultaneously.

IMV Energy Saving Type Vibration Simulation System

Single-Axis Dynamic Simulation System

  • I-series (High Grade Type)

  • J-series (Large Displacement Type)

  • K-series (High Excitation Force Water Cooled Type)

  • VS-series (Multi purpose Air Cooled Type)

  • CV-series (Transportation Vibration Test Systems)

Multi-Axis Dynamic Simulation System

  • TS-series (3 Axis Simultaneous)

  • DS-series (2 Axis Simultaneous)

  • TC-series (3 Axis Sequential)
  • DC-series (2 Axis Sequential)
  • 6DOF type Tri-axial Vibration Test Systems

  • Large Scale 6DOF Vibration Test Systems

Vibration Test Systems - Compact Type

  • M-series (Low noise and compact vibration test systems)

  • PET-series (Compact)

  • VSH-series (Wide Frequency Band Type)

Vibration Test Systems – Chamber Combined Type

Vibration Controller

Crystal Instruments Vibration controllers  and dynamic signal analyzers

The following solutions are available for dynamic measurements and vibration testing

Dynamic signal analyzers

  • Handheld dynamic signal analyzer
  • Handheld vibration data collector
  • Handheld dynamic signal analyzer and dataata collector (16 channel model)

  • High channel count dynamic measurement system
  • Multi-purpose data acquisition

Vibration controllers

  • Premium vibration test controller
  • Basic vibration test controller
  • Built-in WiFi vibration test controller
  • High channel count vibration controller system
  • HALT / HASS controller
  • Industrial network switch
  • Network attached storage device


  • Real time control and post processing software
  • Cloud based remote monitoring software
  • App for vibration testing on iPad

  • Application programing interface

  • ME'scope bundle for Spider-80X dynamic measurement system

PCB Piezoelectric accelerometers

Piezoelectric accelerometers offer tremendous versatility for shock and vibration measurements. These rugged sensors can withstand adverse environmental conditions.
A wide variety of configurations are available to support multiple application requirements. Specialty units are also available through mechanical or electrical design modifications or additional qualification testing.