F-gas regulation, entered into force EU wide

Since 01.01.2017 the transition period for refrigerant circuits with a charge < 3kg is expired, for this reason all refrigerant circuits with an CO2 – equivalent > 5t a leak check has to be carried out.

Fluorinated greenhouse gases - refrigerants
Change of the leak testing EG-VO 517/2014 since 01.01.2017 (valid for the EU)
Since which charge a leak test has to be carried out

Additionally the mandatory identification for new chamber has changed.
In future, the GWP and the CO2 equivalent has to be indicated on the chamber type plate together with the type and charge of the refrigerant.
test chamber type plate
All actual information, which are relevant for our customer, were summarized in the Regulation of fluorinated greenhouse gases (EU) No. 517/2014.