IMV and THP Customer seminar and training day

IMV and THP have completed their first UK Customer seminar and training day at the IMV Technical Centre.

 IMV, THP, training day

The event held in March - Letchworth, UK was attended from a leading UK Automotive Manufacturer and also representatives from the measurement industry.

The seminar program included  presentations by IMV and THP on a variety of testing subjects including

  • Simultaneous Multi Axis Vibration 
  • High frequency Electro dynamic Four Poster Test Technology 
  • Squeak and Rattle test philosophy's using Electro dynamic Vibration Test Systems 
  • Advances in ED Vibration systems design , including IMVs patented ECO technology

The seminar also included a live demonstration of a 16 kN ECO Vibration test system, and discussion on the ISM (Intelligent Shaker Manager) software.

Please contact Amtest or THP for next free seminar dates and schedules.