IMV System Category

Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. Our offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability.

Vibration test systems

Energy Saving Type Vibration Simulation System

Single-Axis Dynamic Simulation System

  • I-series (High Grade Type)

  • J-series (Large Displacement Type)

  • K-series (High Excitation Force Water Cooled Type)

  • VS-series (Multi purpose Air Cooled Type)

  • CV-series (Transportation Vibration Test Systems) 

Multi-Axis Dynamic Simulation System

  • TS-series (3 Axis Simultaneous)

  • DS-series (2 Axis Simultaneous)

  • TC-series (3 Axis Sequential)

  • DC-series (2 Axis Sequential)

  • 6DOF type Tri-axial Vibration Test Systems

  • Large Scale 6DOF Vibration Test Systems

Vibration Test Systems - Compact Type

  • M-series (Low noise and compact vibration test systems)

  • PET-series (Compact)

  • VSH-series (Wide Frequency Band Type)

Vibration Test Systems - Chamber Combined Type

Vibration Controller