Environmental simulation testing – Areas of application

Avoid malfunctioning development and minimize claims within warranty period. By performing our tests, we provide support to the R&D activities of our customers in the following fields. More

Weiss Umwelttechnik – Environmental simulation technology

Weiss Umwelttechnik is one of the most experienced developer and manufacturing companies involved in environmental simulation systems, including all aspects from temperature testing equipments to space simulation. More

Environmental simulation product testing – Test types

You can optimize your products to comply with requirements and standards by performing development supporting tests. More

Environmental simulation testing – Product categories

At the Amtest-TM laboratory, we carry out environmental simulation tests. We are testing safety and quality of products across almost all product categories. More

What is the aim of temperature and climate chamber tests?

What is the aim of temperature and climate chamber tests? These tests allow for early detection of any manufacturing defects. Specific tests can be performed to estimate the expected lifetime of a particular sample or test part. More

Seminars – theoretical and practical education

We proudly share our knowledge and experience with our customers and partners. More

AmtestLab – Product testing

The Amtest-TM laboratory performs environmental simulation tests. Products are tested for reliability and quality in almost all product categories. More