Environmental simulation testing – Areas of application

Avoid malfunctioning development and minimize claims within warranty period. By performing our tests, we provide support to the R&D activities of our customers in the following fields.

Environmental simulation testing – Areas of application

Environmental simulation has become firmly established as the undisputed standard in product development and quality assurance in several sectors.

The testing of environmental simulation systems can secure and further improve the functionality, stability and quality of products and materials even before their actual implementation.
Weiss Technik is one of the most experienced developers and manufacturers of environmental simulation systems, ranging from temperature testing up aspects such as space simulation. Their systems simulate temperature, humidity, light and pressure just as they do salt fog, noxious gases and vacuum states.

Weiss Technik offers a comprehensive globally-reaching program of testing systems ranging from sizes of laboratory scale up to large-scale systems for aircraft components. 
Their extensive and longstanding experience enables us to fully tailor our solutions to your specific requirements.

Areas of application

Whether space shuttles, airplanes or helicopters: when in use, these systems are subjected to the most radical situations, such as extreme changes in temperature up to vacuum states in outer space.

The very highest technological standards are set in the automotive industry. Environmental simulation testing significantly contributes to securing and improving these technologies.

Whether in the laboratory or industrial processing: several chemical substances must be treated and stored under specific climatic conditions in order to ensure their subsequent suitability.

Electronic components have become an indispensible part of life. All the more important it is to test and secure the functional suitability and reliability of these components.


The future belongs to renewable energy sources and efficient energy storage media such as the lithium-ion battery. Such technologies require intense testing even during their initial development phase.

Food Industry
Many institutes rely on sophisticated technology solutions in the area of environmental simulation that also function reliably under extreme conditions: We have these solutions.

Several materials and substances such as glass, ceramics and cement require extensive tests to secure their quality and reliability.

Information Technology
The IT industry is a central industry today and in the future. Manufacturers of IT components make use of extensive quality testing in the early processes of development and manufacturing.

Materials and Substances
The manner in which food survives the entire transport process is one of the central interests of the food industry. We provide an all-encompassing program for simulating climatic stress situations.

Plastics Technology
For the manufacture of plastic products put to use in hygienically sensitive areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, Weiss Technik offers clean room systems with fully reliable temperature constants.