Climate chambers C340/40 and C340/70

We can provide you with a Weiss C-series test chamber (under a renting agreement) with a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks depending on stock availability of the warehouse in Germany.

Climate chamber, C 340-40, C 340-70
Type: C340/40 és C340/70
Test space contents (Litre): 335

Test space dimensions

Height approx. (mm):750
Width approx. (mm): 580

Depth approx. (mm): 765

Outside dimensions
Height approx. (mm):1785
Width approx. (mm): 870
Depth approx. (mm): 1670

Performance for temperature and climate tests
Maximum temperature (°C):+100 és +180 (optional)
C340/40 Minimum temperature (°C): -40
C340/70 Minimum temperature (°C): -70

Temperature changing rate cooling (K/min): 2.5
Temperature changing rate heating (K/min): 2.5
Calibration values (°C): +23 és +80

Humidity range (% r.h.): 20 – 90
Maximum heat compesation (W): 400

Temperature constancy in time (K): ±0.1 to ±0.3
Temperature homogeneity in space (K): ±0.5 to ±1.0
Calibration values (°C/%r.h.): 23/50 és 95/50

Condenser: air-cooled
Chamber weight in kg (approx.): 475 – 520

The minimum duration of the rental contract Weiss C Series: 6 months.
For further information, please, contact us!