Vibration controller – Crystal Spider-81

This configuration provides high flexibility, reliability, configurability and scalability.

Crystal Spider-81, vibration controller

The Fourth Generation Vibration Control System

Analogue Inputs

8 BNC connectors per Spider-81 and Spider-80 units can be networked to form up to 1024 inputs: charge, voltage or IEPE, single-ended or differential, AC or DC coupling, 130dB dynamic range, 24bit A/D converters, range ±20 volts, up to 102.4kHz fs per channel.

Analog Outputs

2 BNC connectors per unit, 100dB dynamic range, 24 bit A/D converters ±10 volts.

Channel Phase Match
Better than ±1.0 degree up to 20kHz among all channels.

8 Isolated DIO; 10 monitoring channels, LCD display with navigation buttons, RS-485, ground connection, abort contact switch, start and abort buttons.
400 x 66 x 330 mm (WxHxD)
Up to 18 watts during operation. Powered from external DC power or internal back-up battery source.
PC Connections
100 BaseT, RJ45 female connector supports connection to PC or network switch.
Internal Memory

Flash memory for data storage: 4GB per unit.


  • Random

  • Sine-on-Random

  • Random-on-Random
  • Swept Sine
  • Resonant Search and Tracked Dwell

  • Classic Shock, Transient, SRS
  • Time Data Replication

  • Limiting and Notching

  • Shaker Diagnosis Tools
  • Data Recording and Dynamic Signal Analysis
  • Thermo Chamber Interface


  • Head Expanders
  • Fixtures

  • Sliptables

  • Test Systems

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