Temperature test chamber DU22-1000/80

The cold-heat testing cabinets are used for temperature testing or cyclic temperature testing of various components. The compact unit is supplied ready for connection. The space-saving design requires a minimum of floor space for installation.

Environmental simulation - Amtest Lab

Type: DU22 1000/80
Test space contents (Litre): 1000

Test space dimensions
Height approx. (mm): 940

Width approx. (mm): 1070

Depth approx. (mm): 940

Outside dimensions
Height approx. (mm): 1980
Width approx. (mm): 1470
Depth approx. (mm): 1675

Performance for temperature and climate tests
Maximum temperature (°C): +180
Minimum temperature (°C): -75

Temperature changing rate cooling (K/min): 1.3
Temperature changing rate heating (K/min): 1.9
Temperature changing rate linear (K/min): -

Humidity range (% r.h.): -

Humidity constancy in time (% r.h.): -

Maximum heat compesation (W): 800

Temperature constancy in time (K): ±0.2...±0.5
Temperature homogeneity in space (K): -
Calibration values (°C): +23, +80

Electrical power (V): 400 / 50 Hz
Electrical connection: 32A (CEE)
Electric capacity (kVA): 9,7

Condenser: air-cooled
Chamber weight in kg (approx.): 977

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