Weiss environmental simulation – Solutions

Simulation testing makes it possible that potential problems emerge during development or at the latest, before delivery from factory so that extremely expensive and brand destructive, later occurring claims and product recalls can be avoided.

Automotive test chambers, Weiss


Test Systems for Extreme Tests in Aerospace
Whether space shuttles, airplanes or helicopters: when in use, these systems are subjected to the most radical situations, such as extreme changes in temperature up to vacuum states in outer space.
The vacuum-temperature and vacuum-climate test chambers WT/D and WK/D enable reproducible tests of highly stressed components in the aviation industry. Our chambers allow the simulation of extreme flight programs in accordance with the relevant standards. For many years they have been applied in the fields of research, development, production and quality control.


Tests in Compliance with Guidelines of the Automotive Industry
The good reputation of a make of car is the culmination of a multitude of advantageous features and – verifiable – marks of quality. Throughout the world, the motorist places high demands on driving performance, comfort and safety. And because vehicles more than any other mass-produced product are exposed to changing environmental influences, reliability, service life and operational reliability play an extremely important role because a vehicle packed full with electronics, essential mechanical components and efficient technology is susceptible to just as many risks of failure.

We at Weiss possess the environmental simulation technology for all that concerns the automobile: Standard testing and special testing systems for

  • Corrosion and weathering
  • Testing electrical, electronic and mechanical components
  • Systems of all sizes and design capacities for motors and emission tests

We will give you extensive consultation, undertake project planning and install testing systems which give you the reliabiltiy and safety you require

  • Individual special solutions based on well-tried components according to national and international guidelines and laws for environmental simulation technology in the manufacturing of automobiles
  • Environmental simulation technology which has been a fixed constituent of quality management of many renowned manufacturers for many years


Fitotron® Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms
Weiss Technik is a global leader in the field of controlled environmental test chambers and rooms. Building on over 40 years experience, the Fitotron® brand of plant growth equipment incorporates the latest developments in innovation and design, manufacture and technology.

The Fitotron® Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the control of temperature, humidity and lighting.


Quality Assurance through Envrionmental Simulation
Electronic components have become an indispensible part of life. All the more important it is to test and secure the functional suitability and reliability of these components.


Testsystems for the Whole World of Renewable Energy
The future belongs to renewable energy and efficient energy storage as the lithium ion batteries. These technologies must not only be manufactures under perfect conditions to ensure quality and functionality, but also be tested for their reliability in everday use.

Systems for Tests of PV Modules according to IEC 61215 and IEC 61646
Terrestial crystalline silicon PV modules and terrestial thin-film PV modules have to be tested according to the standards IEC 61215 and IEC 61646. These tests analyse all factors, which promote aging of the modules. You find a wide range of systems for tests of PV modules according to standards at Weiss.

Tests for Components and Systems of Wind Energy Devices
We offer suitable systems for temperature change, climate and corrosion tests to test components and systems of wind energy systems.